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Our Facilities

Superior Aerobics & State-of-the-Art Equipment.
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Our Trainers

Personal Trainers are knowledgeable, specialized and experienced. Personal Trainers become very useful when an individual has a very specific fitness goal. For example; lower back problems, weight loss, posture problems etc.

Personal Trainers are also very good if an individual has a specific health concern. For example: arthritis, pre/post natal or heart disease.

 The Personal Trainers at our facilities are all certified. For further information we have a Personal Training Information Booth in each club. There are several Personal Trainers working through both gyms, so if your have a specific goal, this may be the route to take.
It is very important to find a Personal Trainer that is right for your needs. You would never buy a car without driving it so why would you pay for a personal trainer without testing one out. If you think you would benefit from personal training please contact us and we will arrange for you to have a complementary first training session.